Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fibro and Fatigue Center

     Seven years ago, my life caved in on me.  Little things like taking a shower and getting dressed left me crying with exhaustion.  Every part of my body ached.  Unable to quit working, I stopped doing everything else, even the things I loved.  I bounced from doctor to doctor with no luck.  In the meantime, my life became very small.  I stopped reading because the words didn't make sense.  Even watching TV took more attention than I had.  I crawled home from work, curled up in a ball with the covers over my head and slept.  I even slept through birthday parties and family gatherings.
     One day I heard about a new clinic for pain and fatigue, and made an appointment to hear their advertising claims.  My insurance declared it "experimental" and denied payments, but for some strange reason, I handed over my credit card for the first few hundred dollars.  I couldn't afford it and worried I was being scammed, but something told me to do it.  That moment made all the difference.  Through their experimental care, I finally got some semblance of my life back.  Their  link is