Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Strange Symptoms

     Fibromyalgia does crazy things to your body.  We drive doctors crazy asking about bizarre new symptoms.  Coincidentally all of our fibro friends have the same symptoms and none of us had them before we were diagnosed.  These are a few of the symptoms that surprised us the most.

     Fingernail problems!  We both had long, beautiful nails that we loved to polish.  Once the Fibro hit, our nails totally changed.  Now long ridges push the nails down and curve them into all kinds of annoying shapes.

     Sensitivity to touch!  Suddenly everything hurts our skin.  A loving hug or pat on the back feels like we have been hit with a stick.  Clothes are painful to wear because they touch our skin.  Bracelets are the worst!  So much for accessorizing that cute outfit for school.

     No longer being able to tell left from right!  It's so embarrassing to be asked for directions and telling someone to turn the wrong way.  Even when we manage to give the right direction, we have to think about it for a minute.  People start thinking we are a little "slow."

     Falling over for no apparent reason!  It doesn't matter if we are standing still or walking.  One minute we are fine and the next we are on the floor.  One of the scariest examples for my mom was at school.  We were pulling up to the curb to pick her up.  She was walking towards our car, but suddenly fell on the ground in front of the car.  Luckily we were already stopping. 

     Losing your legs!  You have been sitting down for awhile and try to stand up, but you have no legs.  They aren't asleep.  They aren't numb.  They don't hurt.  They just aren't there.  You can't feel a thing.  It goes away after a few minutes and your legs feel like normal again.

     Becoming a weather forecaster!  We can tell the weather better than the forecasters on TV.  When a storm is coming or the pressure changes, we know it instantly.  We feel pain in every part of our bodies until the storm gets here, and then we feel fine again.

     Pretty strange, huh?  It sure makes life interesting, that's for sure.  Have any weird symptoms to share?  Feel free to post them to our comments below.