Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Crash

     Wow - this is a hard thing for me to actually do, even though I know better.  I know if I overdo it today, I will crash for the next few days, but I "forget."  I get sick of being sick.  I hate turning down fun activities because something that is "no big deal" for everyone else took all my energy for the next few days.  It's embarrassing and frustrating and discouraging.
     On the days when I feel good, I am thrilled to feel even a smidgen of the way I used to feel.  I know it won't last, so I try to do everything I can in the few hours I have.  I know I will crash later, but in the moment, I don't care.  I want my life back.  I want to dance and garden and play and shop and visit with people.  I will deal with the crash later.
     Of course, the crash is horrible!  Pain everywhere - even elbows.  Muscles that refuse to move, even when that means crawling up the stairs or not being able to shampoo your hair.  
     My daughter is going to go back to school this fall.  I've been talking to her about ways to pace herself so she doesn't crash as often.  Obviously I need to take my own advice.  Anyone have any great suggestions for us to avoid the crash?